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Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

80% of IT budgets are now committed to cloud solutions. In order to ensure business continuity and productivity, access to applications and data in the cloud needs to be reliable and always available. Working with a managed hosting provider like Strencom and utilizing our Software Defined Data Center can deliver that assurance businesses are looking for.

Download our case study to see how Strencome works with VMWare to ensure peace of mind with local businesses. 



The network is the foundation on which businesses build their communications and access critical applications. Whether it's connecting businesses with their employees, suppliers, customers or multiple premises, the network is at the heart of business today. With so much relying on the network, a robust, consistent connection is vital. This is where Strencom excels.

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Unified Communications

In this digital age, reliable and seamless communication has never been more important. Unified Communications allows businesses to heighten their communication systems to meet more mobile and flexible way of working. By enabling employees to communicate using any device, from any location, at any time, Strencom helps businesses to react faster and become more agile.

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We wanted a provider that could lead us in the right direction and give us the help we needed to get on with our fundraising efforts. Strencom immediately understood the way we work and how the internet s upports our outreach. We really value the service they offer.

Joanne Di Rosa

Technology Manager, Microsoft