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Ebook: Cloud Computing for Multi-Site Retailers

In this expert issue, Strencom discusses the key strategic elements that must be considered when considering the adoption of cloud-based technology within the multi-site retail space.

Nowadays business applications are very quickly moving into the cloud to take advantage of the most recent technologies and platforms, while reducing total cost of ownership. Most, if not all of the services that used to be on premises now are located up in the cloud, therefore they need reliable connection and back-up solutions. Authentic cloud solutions are designed to be hassle-free, reducing risk, and enabling business transformation.

In this ebook: 

- Connectivity within the retail sector

- The impact of cloud

- Key characteristics in choosing a service-provider 

- Operational Synergies: Cloud & Connectivity 

- Strencom's work in the marketplace

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We wanted a provider that could lead us in the right direction and give us the help we needed to get on with our fundraising efforts. Strencom immediately understood the way we work and how the internet s upports our outreach. We really value the service they offer.

Joanne Di Rosa

Technology Manager, Microsoft