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FUJIFILM focuses on Strencom for network security and reliability

focuses on Strencom
for network security and reliability

The digital revolution has transformed the way most of us take and print photographs. Customers often order hundreds of prints at a time or order photo products, like photo calendars and photobooks. Fujifilm continues to thrive in this ever-changing market, thanks in part to Strencom, whose managed network service provides essential support to Fujifilm’s printing services in stores across Ireland.

In more than 150 pharmacies and other shops across Ireland, Fujifilm digital printing kiosks allow customers place print orders, while in the back office its “minilabs” fulfil the orders. As well as this market, Fujifilm’s popular ecommerce website, Fujipix.ie, also accepts thousands of orders from customers who upload pictures from home and collect prints at their local store. Strencom’s wide area network securely connects all the retail chain network to Fujifilm headquarters, to each other and to their customers orders.

Reliable, fast network connectivity is vital for Fujifilm and its customers. For pharmacies who have signed up to be a Fujipix.ie pick-up site, the connection brings incoming orders via the internet. And for shops who have Fujifilm minilab printing equipment, the relationship allows Fujifilm’s technical experts to maintain the equipment, including the in-store kiosks used by customers.

“The fact that we have the Strencom network in place in-store means we’ve taken away a huge area that could have caused potential problems. Customers have a single point of contact, via a safe and secure network,” explains Trevor Walsh, Technical Services Manager at Fujifilm.

“Strencom have quality people who really know what they’re doing, and they have very low turnover of staff, so we know who we’re depending on,” Walsh says. With Strencom I can pick up the phone, and when they say they’re going to get something done, they get it done. That’s professionalism and it means everything to us.” Trevor Walsh, Technical Services Manager at Fujifilm.



While its core business has always been photography and processing of high-quality photographic prints, Fujifilm has one thing in common with companies across all sectors: a growing reliance on ICT to effectively manage its business and serve its customer base. 

While network connectivity is essential for Fujifilm, it hasn’t always enjoyed the levels of service or reliability it needs from its telecoms provider. In 2009 Fujifilm went to market to seek a managed network which would let all its retail customers have secure, reliable network access to its head office and to the internet.

As Fujifilm Technical Services Manager Trevor Walsh explains, “Fujifilm knew it wanted a telecoms partner who could offer responsive service and efficient rollout to its customers across Ireland. The Strencom solution proved to be a real winner across every criteria”.



Managed wide-area network
The network, provided by Strencom, connects Fujifilm’s retail customers, mostly pharmacies, to its head office over Private ADSL. Shops use Fujifilm equipment including customer kiosks and commercial printing labs.

Rapid rollout to Fujifilm customers
Liaising with Fujifilm’s cabling partner, Ablecom, Strencom rapidly configured and rolled out the Cisco access equipment to bring Fujifilm shops onto a Private ADSL MPLS network which connects to Fujifilm headquarters.

Less downtime, no loss in revenue
Previously, shops with multiple Fujifilm kiosks had to take all kiosks offline if one needed maintenence. Now, the Strencom managed network lets Fujifilm staff pinpoint a problem kiosk, leaving the others online, so revenue isn’t lost.

Guaranteed Customer Service
Strencom efficiently migrated all Fujifilm customer shops from their previous provider with minimum downtime. Fujifilm customers say they value the service because it means the network in the shop is never a problem, and they have a single point of contact for any issues.

Flexible, powerful connection
The Strencom connection in every shop is an IT support link to enable Fujifilm staff to remotely maintain kiosks and a secure internet link, enabling shop employees access approved websites only.

Reliable and secure network makes business better
Fujifilm now performs remote maintenance on in-store equipment much faster than previously over broadband, and controlled internet access prevents security and congestion issues for shop owners.

eCommerce opportunity for retailers
The connection also acts as an e-commerce channel for shops who want to fulfil incoming print orders from the Fujipix.ie website.

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Des English

I just uploaded my 2017 photo album from my iphone using the FUJIFILM Imagine app. It couldn't have been easier, the speed in which the pics were uploaded was astonishing ! I can now pick up the 100 photos I ordered from my local store in Dalkey within 48 hours, plenty time to the make Christmas post .

We wanted a provider that could lead us in the right direction and give us the help we needed to get on with our fundraising efforts. Strencom immediately understood the way we work and how the internet s upports our outreach. We really value the service they offer.

Joanne Di Rosa

Technology Manager, Microsoft