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Wholesale partners are usually mid to large Telecoms Providers, typically operating their own network, and with a deep understanding of wide area networks. To be a Strencom Wholesale partner, you must hold a current Telecommunications License in Ireland or UK. The Irish body responsible for Licensed Operators is ComReg. The UK body responsible for Licensed Operators is Ofcom. Should you wish to become a Wholesale Partner of Strencom and are not currently a licensed operator, contact us directly or go to either of the websites above.

Strencom provide wholesale services to many of the worlds largest global Telecoms operators. We can deliver "Last Mile" tail circuits to a data centre in your country, or to one of our Dublin or Cork data centres, if you prefer to backhaul the traffic yourself.

Benefits to Carriers

  • Interconnect with us at any on-net data centre and aggregate multiple services to a single gigabit-ethernet port (NNi)
  • Large geographic coverage for connectivity - we cover over 98% of the island of Ireland
  • Access to over 20 Operators, through a single operator. Strencom manage the relationship, technical and non-technical, for all operators, so you don't have to.
  • Strencom local knowledge in dealing with specific operators and specific geographic areas
  • Low cost of entry to the Irish market
  • Access to all connectivity types available - see below.
  • Access to provider provisioning portals for self provisioning / upgrades / downgrades / profile change / ceases
  • Committed uncontended services - Fibre & xDSL
  • The ability to deliver scalable solutions and increase bandwidth at any time
  • Managed or Un-Managed service options
  • Project managed on-site cabling and installation of circuits
  • Single SLA
  • Robust service with full resiliency and redundancy options.
  • SLA guarantees on service availability and service level
  • Access to technologies from over 20 operators
    • Fibre Ethernet NGN
    • Licensed Wireless
    • Unlicensed Wireless
    • ADSL - L2TP
    • FTTC / VDSL
    • Private 3G

Contact us today to discuss your wholesale connectivity requirements.

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