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Strencom Virtual Data Centre

The Strencom VDC 2.0 is an ISO27001 Certified service. It is an On-Demand Cloud service, which provides access and control over your cloud infrastructure through a browser based interface. It is designed for enterprise computing applications with performance, reliability, and security to the fore. The Strencom VDC 2.0 is like having your own physical data centre with connectivity at your fingertips, without the hassle of having to manage all the hardware. The VDC 2.0 solution will enable you to instantly manage one or many cloud accounts and deploy virtual servers, update, distribute and scale cloud requirements as and when necessary.

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Where Connectivity meets the Cloud

Your cloud is only as good as your connectivity to it. With best-in-breed connectivity and a flexible, scalable Virtual Data Centre solution, Strencom’s market leading cloud solution enables organisations to deploy and manage virtual servers and cloud resources as and when necessary.

Strencom VDC Technology Stack












  • Cloud & Connectivity from a single operator, with a single SLA
  • Provision Cloud and Connectivity from a single interface
  • High availability Enterprise Cloud platform - Build for enterprise applications and high availability to give you peace of mind.
  • Advanced networking capabilities - Deploy complex networks within the portal. Add virtual servers to a customer’ existing MPLS network, or assign a public IP address and open up a high speed internet port. Or seamlessly create a Hybrid cloud combining physical and virtual resources, into a single network.
  • Multi-Tier attached storage
  • Multiple geographic data centre regions - Deploy virtual machines in different physical data centres for DR purposes.

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