Vision & Values

The Strencom Vision and Values drive our behaviour in everything that we say and do for ourselves and for our customers. Its about openess, transparency and working together with our customers.

If we were to sum them up in a single value, it would be "We Do What We Say"... and when on occassion we don't reach our own high standards, we hold our hand up, admit the mistake, take responsibility, and most of all, take steps to make our process better, so it does not happen again.

In Strencom, we truly live our values.

We have a clear vision for the future of our business. Our vision drives the growth of the business as well as forming the strategy. And our values encourage the behaviour and form the actions that we take in running the business to ensure the best outcome for our customers and our people, enabling us to execute our strategy.


To be the Best Provider of Managed Cloud and Managed Connectivity Solutions.


Our Core Values are behaviours that we encourage of all our people in Strencom. They are used to give direction and empower everyone to make decisions, for the good of our customers, the business, and all stakeholders. We may not achieve all of our values, all of the time, but we will continue to strive to run Strencom, using the values to guide us all the way. The values themselves have been bourne out of an engagement with all our people, so these are the values that we believe in as a business and as a team.

We Consistently Deliver Service Excellence to Customers

  • 9 out of 10 customers will recommend Strencom to a friend or colleague.
  • We ask our customers what service elements they value most
  • Our people are empowered to make decisions.

We Do What We Say

  • Ensure regular and clear communications with our people and our customers
  • We deliver to agreed expectations - right first time
  • Agree clear expectations with internal and external customers

We Pursue High Growth

  • We have a common vision and objectives that will drive growth
  • We have a sustainable competitive advantage in the services we offer
  • Address the needs of customers in the right markets, with the right services, and ensure delivery of service excellence that is profitable

We Embrace Change through Innovation

  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Create an environment for our people to excel
  • Success is dependant on us being able to change to our advantage

We are Passionate & work Collaboratively

  • We are proud and passionite of our services
  • We are optimistic (but realistic) and passionate in what we do
  • We are mindful and respectful of one another
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