Strencom Hosted Lync Training

End-User Training Resource Overview

End-user readiness is a key component of a successful Lync rollout. Users who have a clear understanding of how they should use Lync as well as why they should use it, will be more confident in integrating Lync into their daily activities. One way to instill end-user confidence is by making available a selection of training resources, enabling you to cater to a variety of learning styles and skill levels.

Strencom offers a variety of high-quality, complimentary resources to help drive your Lync readiness activities, including live, online, instructor-led courses as well as recorded, on-demand modules and videos. These courses include topics ranging from getting started with Lync, to best practices.

It is recommend that you evaluate how your organization trains users today and map to those same options for consistency. For example, if your culture is to share self-guided resources, our Quick Reference Cards and Videos would be ideal resources. If users are more comfortable with a live trainer, being able to ask questions and get hands-on experience, our Live, Instructor-Led course would be a good fit.

In this section Strencom have provided resources available to help with on-going training, usage and adoption. New courses, videos and resources will be added over time, so we encourage you to bookmark these sites and check back for additional resources.

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