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Start Building with the Strencom Reseller Cloud

Make more margin from your Cloud Business

Our channel reseller partners make 24%-35% more margin than Azure


Get started on the Strencom Reseller Cloud platform today.

Claim €1,000 credit to get building cloud solutions on the Strencom Reseller Platform now. You’ll be amazed at how much cloud infrastructure you can build with €1,000 and how easy it is. We have designed it specifically for resellers building customer solutions. There are no other charges and the credit will last for 30 days. Use the credit on any Strencom cloud service. Try our Strencom Virtual Data Centre and instantly manage one or many cloud accounts and deploy virtual servers. If this is not for you, why not claim the credit against our Managed Hosting, Hybrid Cloud, Data Centre Co-Location, or even our Hosted Skype for Business services.

Why do resellers prefer Strencom Virtual Data Centre to Azure?

Strencom Virtual Data Centre for Resellers delivers an incredible 24% to 35% more margin than Azure

It offers total control, with complete flexibility, with Granular machine sizes, not pre-defined templates.


  • No lock-in or minimum contract
  • Incredibly simple to build and deploy for your end-customers
  • Our dedicated reseller support lines are answered by experts in seconds
  • EU data sovereignty - data hosted in Ireland…Guaranteed! US Patriot Act doesn’t apply here
  • And its up to 50% less than Microsoft Azure

The Strencom Virtual Data Centre for Resellers is an ISO27001 certified service. It is an On-Demand Cloud service, which allows you access, set-up and manage your customer cloud infrastructure through a web browser. It couldn’t be simpler. It is designed for enterprise computing applications that need guaranteed performance, reliability, and security.


“It is like having our own physical data centre with connectivity at my fingertips, and without the hassle of having to manage all the hardware. I use it to manage many customer cloud accounts and deploy virtual servers, update, distribute and scale cloud requirements as and when necessary.”

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