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What are the Benefits?



Built and designed for enterprise applications, with high availability, consistent performance and enhanced security for added assurance.

Ultimate control

Manage your cloud accounts and deploy virtual servers via our easy-to- use browser-based interface. Update, distribute and scale cloud requirements to meet changing requirements.

Scalable and flexible

Scale up or down your compute resources at the click of a button directly from the Strencom portal. Multiple zones in different geographic locations mean you can set different geographic zones for your VMs if necessary.

Cost effective

Eliminate costly on-site hardware, as well as associated maintenance costs. And because our solution is fully scalable, you only pay for the resources you need.

We wanted a provider that could lead us in the right direction and give us the help we needed to get on with our fundraising efforts. Strencom immediately understood the way we work and how the internet s upports our outreach. We really value the service they offer.

Joanne Di Rosa

Technology Manager, Microsoft