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What are the Benefits?



Add or remove users easily and without additional capital investment. This means you can stay on top of seasonal demands and you can integrate new sites or remote workers seamlessly.

Business Continuity

Enjoy guaranteed uptime and reliability with Strencom Hosted PBX, even when experiencing heavy call volume. Avoid service interruption and associated downtime which can greatly impact business.

Cost Effective

Strencom Hosted PBX does not require a large up-front capital investment, nor does it require ongoing maintenance or personnel to manage the system. In addition, businesses only pay for the capacity they use.

Enhanced Productivity

Enable employees to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device, which means you can easily facilitate remote and on-the-road working. A single device can even support two numbers, and business calls placed on the mobile can appear as if they were made using a landline.

Improved Customer Experience

Directly service customers around the world, no matter what time it is at headquarters. Local numbers can ring to call centres in another area without the customer even knowing.

We wanted a provider that could lead us in the right direction and give us the help we needed to get on with our fundraising efforts. Strencom immediately understood the way we work and how the internet s upports our outreach. We really value the service they offer.

Joanne Di Rosa

Technology Manager, Microsoft